Mother of Californian firefighter calls on arsonist to surrender

Sunday, October 29, 2006

The mother of a firefighter who died in his duties fighting the blaze in southern California, has pleaded to the arsonist responsible for the 40,450 acre inferno to give himself up, and that she will not judge him.

Bonnie McKay, mother to 27-year-old Jason McKay, said "I firmly believe you didn't believe that things were going to turn out the way they did, but they did. Don't let the remorse eat you alive. Come forward. I for one will try not to judge you. There is only one who can judge you."

The fire, which has claimed the lives of four firefighters and caused 95% burns to a fifth, is now 60% contained. There is a massive aerial attack on the fire in progress, making use of fire helicopters and planes to dump thousands of gallons of water onto the blaze over the canyons of Riverside County. The blaze has now destroyed as many as 27 homes, and has forced the evacuation of 500 more.

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