Morocco raises terror threat level to 'maximum'

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Map highlighting the location of Morocco.

Police officers and government officials met on Friday in Morocco and say that a "serious threat of a terrorist act" by al-Qaeda exists in the country and has raised their terrorist attack threat level to "maximum."

"[Intelligence] indicates a serious threat of a terrorist act and demands extreme mobilization by the bodies concerned," said a statement by Morocco's interior Ministry. The statement did not cite specific targets or dates. The statement also said that "reliable intelligence information" exists to issue the alert.

"Reliable information relayed in recent days to the interior ministry described the preparation of acts of terrorism in Morocco. Morocco is cooperating fully with foreign police services,” the source said, adding that in the face of the threat, Morocco is putting itself in a situation of extreme vigilance," said an unnamed security official in Morocco.

Prior to raising the level, Nicolas Sarkozy, the newly elected president of France, was scheduled to visit the country, but those plans have since been canceled citing "scheduling reasons," said David Martinon, a spokesman for Sarkozy. Martinon did not state that security concerns played a role in canceling the trip.