More allegations filed against Oral Roberts University

Sunday, October 14, 2007

On Friday three fired professors filed more charges in their lawsuit against Oral Roberts University, University president Richard Roberts, and his wife, Lindsay Roberts. In addition to previous allegations of illegal political contributions, financial wrong-doing, and wrongful firings, the plaintiffs also added the ORU Board of Regents (Lindsay and Richard are both members of the board) to the lawsuit claiming regents did not oversee the university and its president Richard Roberts. One example cited in the lawsuit was that ORU allowed a man with three convictions of sexual abuse, including "exposing himself to a 15-year-old boy in a school locker room," to mentor ORU college students.

Also cited was that three days after the original lawsuit, Richard Roberts fired the ORU financial comptroller who had been with the school for 26 years and then proceeded to shred and destroy "voluminous materials and documents ... constituting spoilation of evidence."

In addition, the report attached to the lawsuit contained fresh allegations that Lindsay Roberts, 51, stayed overnight nine times with an "underage male" at a ORU "guest home". This "underage male" moved in with Lindsay and prompted her daughters to have locks added to the doors on the home. The filing also said she was photographed alone with that boy after Tulsa curfew 29 times, and this includes a picture of her and the boy smoking at the ORU guest house.

Friday's updated lawsuit also had an attachment of the document Stephanie Cantees, Lindsay's sister, wrote which contained the original document that the plaintiffs claim spawned their dismissals. This contains more details about the Roberts family than the previous document. Among other charges, Cantees' document says that Mrs. Roberts invites ORU athletes on her Make Your Day Count television show and gives them gifts, which is listed on the document as an "NCAA violation."

Previously on October 9th, Roberts and his wife appeared on Larry King Live, and denied all the accusations. On Friday ORU released a two sentence statement denying all allegations, and Lindsay released an email that said, "I live my life in a morally upright manner and throughout my marriage have never, ever engaged in any sexual behavior with any man outside of my marriage as the accusations imply." She continued: "Allegations against me in a lawsuit yesterday are not true. They sicken me to my soul."