Monte Carlo hotel and casino in Las Vegas, Nevada catches fire

Friday, January 25, 2008

An image of the fire, taken with a cell phone.
Image: Bryan Correira.
The hotel before the fire.
Image: Mamy69.

A fire has been confirmed at The Monte Carlo Resort and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada in the United States.

Reports say the fire, which was reported at about 11:00 a.m. (Pacific Time) began in the top center of the hotel and quickly spread to the top five floors, burning a large section of the roof and facade. Flames were seen shooting out of the top of the hotel. Also visible was a plume of black smoke which according to witnesses, was visible for many miles.

At least three fire companies responded to the scene and quickly began to extinguish the fire. As of 12:00 p.m., the fire was nearly contained. The Strip has been closed off in front of the hotel while firefighters continue to fight the blaze.

All guests have been evacuated from the hotel with no injuries reported. The hotel has 3,002 guest rooms, 211 suites and is 32 stories high.

The cause of the fire is not known and is being investigated.