Mobile homes exploded as tornado kills eight in North Carolina

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Touching down at 6:30 a.m.(EST) this morning in North Carolina, a tornado has killed eight people. Some mobile homes exploded, while others were moved off their foundations, according to Bob High, a reporter for the News Reporter newspaper. Strong winds threw one couple from their home into the neighbor's yard, he added.

Several people are reported to be missing and as many as 200 emergency services people, along with trained dogs, are currently searching for them. Fears are that some may be trapped under the rubble.

Red Cross teams are being assembled. They will enter the area as soon as Columbus County Emergency Services deem it is safe.

As of 12:32 p.m.(EST), there are still tornado warnings active in the area.

The storm has left thousands without power.


There has now been 8 people confirmed dead in tornados in North Carolina.