Mitt Romney officially nominated at Republican National Convention

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Mitt Romney, the former Governor of Massachusetts, was officially nominated yesterday evening by the Republican Party as its candidate for the President of the United States at the party's National Convention in Tampa, Florida.

Mitt Romney
Paul Ryan
Mitt Romney (left) and Paul Ryan, 2012 Republican nominees for President and Vice President.
Image: Gage Skidmore.

Romney reached the required 1,144 vote threshold needed to win the Republican nomination at about 5:40 PM EDT yesterday evening when the New Jersey delegation cast its 50 votes in support. The official nomination of Romney is the conclusion of the Republican presidential nomination process, which began with the Iowa caucuses on January 3.

Mitt Romney's 2012 campaign is his second run for the presidency. Romney first ran for the Republican nomination in 2008, losing in the nominating process to John McCain, who was defeated in the presidential election by, the current President, Barack Obama.

U.S. Representative Paul Ryan, who was selected by Mitt Romney as the then-presumptive nominee's running mate earlier this month, received the Republican vice-presidential nomination by acclamation, since there were no other candidates.

Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan, the now-official Republican ticket, will face the nominees of the Democratic Party, which will be selected at the Democratic National Convention next week. The presumptive Democratic nominees are incumbent President Barack Obama and incumbent Vice President Joe Biden.

Several delegate votes were also cast in favor of U.S. Representative Ron Paul of Texas, despite the fact that he had not won the popular vote in any of the Republican caucuses or primaries.