MiniMax Discount to open inaugural stores in southern Romania

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

MiniMax Discount, a recently-established joint venture between several Romanian and foreign investors, will open its first three discount stores between today and April 28. The discount stores, which will be similar to supermarkets, will open in the southern Romanian cities of Slatina, Urziceni and Târgovişte. MiniMax invested 750,000 euro per outlet, with each store having 1,000 m² of floor space and a parking area for 100 cars. The first store to be opened will be the one in Slatina, with the other ones opening by April 28.

The company is planning to open a total of ten stores this year, as well as another twenty in 2006. It is expected that most of the stores will open in small- to medium-sized cities, of greater than 20,000 inhabitants, rather than larger cities of over 150,000 inhabitants. In a few years time, it has said that it plans to extend its network to over 100 stores.