Millions found by Irish police in raids

Friday, February 18, 2005

Over £2m has been recovered by Gardaí ("Irish Police") in multiple raids in the Republic of Ireland. Seven arrests have so far been made in Cork and Dublin during a series of raids. Of the £2m found, approximately £60,000 was in Northern Bank notes. Forensic examinations are being carried out to see if the money is related to the £26m Northern Bank raid in December. The finds come on top of £175,000 which was surrendered to police in Dublin on Thursday night.

One of those arrested so far, an unnamed Cork man has appeared in court charged with IRA membership. Irish police chief Noel Conroy commented that several of those arrested are suspected members of the IRA.

After the revelation that the IRA were possibly involved in the December robbery, speculation has been mounting in the national media that the main Republican party, Sinn Fein, were aware of plans for the robbery. Sinn Fein President, Gerry Adams, who is currently in Spain said people should not be in a rush to blame republicans. However it is clear that he is under a lot of pressure as he has decided to return to Ireland early from his trip.

The December robbery is widely blamed for having ruined chances at a new peace deal in Northern Ireland. Unionist parties have called for Sein Fein and the IRA to be excluded from future discussions.