Microsoft launches its anti-piracy campaign in the United States

Monday, January 22, 2007

Microsoft plans to expand its anti-piracy activity in the United States using a new way which includes comics. The company's campaign will be held online and its starting day is Monday, January 22, 2007. Microsoft has the aim of telling people about the advantages of software that is properly licensed. The campaign will also focus on intellectual property rights as well as risks that the user takes when using a pirate copy of the product.

In an interview, the director of Genuine Software Initiative, Cori Hartje, stated that Microsoft looks forward to inform its clientèle about some important facts that will help users in their business activities. Last month the company launched its campaign in some European countries like: Italy, France and United Kingdom; as well as in other countries from different parts of the world: Indonesia, Brazil, Australia and UAE.

Microsoft hopes to catch the attention of users through banner advertisements on the company's websites. It will also launch promotional material which later will be handed out through Microsoft's partners. The company chose comics in an effort to reach a wider audience. The comics are drawn in black and white and they look similar to the ones presented in newspapers.

The company has spent millions of dollars in its campaign against unauthorized copies of Windows, but cannot say whether the campaign has been successful.

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