McCartney campaign changing minds about IRA

Thursday, March 17, 2005

The late Robert McCartney's five sisters are visiting the United States in an effort to place pressure on the IRA. They are meeting with Ted Kennedy and other political leaders to gather support. They are also meeting with President Bush on St. Patrick's day, and will give him a dossier. They accuse IRA members of killing their brother during a brawl in a Belfast bar in January. Sinn Féin is also alleged to have attempted to cover up the incident by at least one of the women.

Catherine McCartney said to the BBC, "We have to be very careful that we're not being used by anybody and that includes Sinn Féin and all political parties, we're not stupid women... We get the impression that someone thinks out there that somebody's behind this, pulling our strings. The only person behind this is our Robert and he is the person pulling our strings."

In response to the killing, the IRA expelled three of its members and Sinn Féin expelled seven. Also, the IRA offered to shoot the men responsible for the killing, an offer which the McCartney family declined.

Two Sinn Féin candidates were in the bar on the night of the killing.