Marcinkiewicz's cabinet given vote of confidence

Friday, November 11, 2005 Marcinkiewicz's cabinet has been given a vote of confidence by Polish parliament. Marcinkiewicz, from Law and Justice Party (PiS), has won the voting with vote distribution 272 for and 187 against. His minority government have gained the support of minor, pro-social parties - Self-Defense of the Republic of Poland (Samoobrona RP), Polish Peasant Party (PSL) and League of Polish Families (LPR).

Civic Platform (PO) and The Alliance of the Democratic Left (SLD) voted against the cabinet.

Marcinkiewicz believes that his government will stop corruption and will help getting out of unemployment problem in Poland. His expose was praised by his party, LPR and PSL. Although Andrzej Lepper, the leader of Self-Defence Party, wasn't satisfied by the expose, he accepted it.

Leaders of both Civic Platform and The Alliance of the Democratic Left criticised the expose.

Conservative-national Peace and Justice Party won the September 25 voting, receiving 27% of votes (155 seats in 460 members Sejm), while their main opponent, conservative-liberal Civic Platform - 24.1% (133 seats). Winning parties were planning building up a strong, conservative-liberal coalition, but after the clinch between them, caused mainly by choosing Marek Jurek as a speaker of parliament, talks had been stopped.