Many killed in tornadoes across southern U.S.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

NOAA storm report for February 5. Red dots indicate locations of Tornadoes

Tornadoes have been reported across the southern United States, with some sources saying as many as 48 have died. The NOAA have reported that several buildings have been damaged in the tornadoes, including a hospital in Arkansas.

At least 69 tornadoes have been reported to have taken place in the last two days, most of which took place on the same day as US citizens were voting in caucuses and primaries on a day known as super Tuesday.

The NOAA has reported that at least 25 tornadoes took place in Tennessee. In Trousdale county there were two fatalities at a home north of the intersection of highways 231 and 25. In Shelby county a roof was blown of an airline hanger at Memphis International Airport. Two homes were also destroyed in Henry county.

In Hardin county there were two fatalities and five injuries as the tornado trapped people in their houses.

NOAA storm report for February 6. Red dots indicate locations of Tornadoes

The NOAA has reported that at least 19 tornadoes took place in Arkansas. In Pope county there were three fatalities, while a hospital was hit in Stone county, causing the emergency room to be closed.

In Madison county seven tractors were blown over by a tornado and in Putnam county mobile homes and barns received significant damage.

Many tornadoes also took place in Mississippi, including two tornadoes in Lafayette county in which many buildings were destroyed, including a church, at least two shops and several houses.

A tornado was also reported in Alcorn county, in which injuries were reported, along with damage to a community center. Other tornadoes were reported although they are not thought to have created any serious damage.

NOAA tornado watch 48. Red areas have a high or moderate risk of tornadoes

Three tornadoes were reported in Missouri, although two are currently unconfirmed. The two unconfirmed reports are of tornadoes that took place in Butler county. No injuries, fatalities, or damage to property has been reported in either tornado.

In Pemicot county a report of a tornado was made through police radio. No damage was reported for this incident.

Three tornadoes in Kentucky have caused at least seven fatalities and major destruction to property. A tornado in Muhlenberg county caused damage to several houses, although there are currently no confirmed fatalities from this incident. A different tornado in the county did, however, cause three fatalities and numerous injuries, in addition to severe damage to property.

A tornado in Allen county caused at least four fatalities. Further details on this incident have yet to be released.