Many in Texas still reeling following hurricane Harvey

Monday, August 28, 2017

Citizens across Texas were still dealing with the effects of hurricane Harvey, days after the storm made landfall on Friday.

File photo of an ambulance in Texas awaiting Hurricane Ike in 2008.

A meteorologist for CNN called the storm a "one-in-1,000-years-type of event." Media sources today stated the storm will still continue to wind its way across the state for the next four to five days. Houston's mayor told sources, "This is a storm that is testing the city of Houston."

University of Texas officials cancelled all classes at their Houston Engineering Center for this week. Public health officials north of the hurricane's path began planning to deploy social workers and other staff to the storm's area if needed.

The storm was classified as a Category 3 hurricane as it approached the state's coast. Late Friday evening, as the storm pressed close to Texas, it was upgraded to a Category 4 hurricane. Many locals decided to shelter in place and ride out the storm. The National Weather Service predicts roughly 27 inches of additional rain will fall over Houston during the next few days.