Man on Florida bus threatened with knife for praising Michael Jackson

Sunday, June 28, 2009

A man on a bus in North Lauderdale, Florida, United States was threatened with a knife after he praised Michael Jackson, according to a police report. A man is in custody over the incident.

Passenger James Kiernan, 60, received a text informing him of Jackson's death, and read the news out to the other occupants. The bus driver, who was not identified, said that "Michael Jackson should have been in jail long ago," to which Kiernan responded, "The world just lost a great musical talent."

Another passenger, Henry Wideman, 54, reacted angrily to Kiernan's comment. After exchanging shouting and swearing with Kiernan, Wideman chased him along the bus with a knife.

The driver contacted a dispatcher and stopped the bus to await authorities, at which point Wideman fled. Wideman was later arrested. He remains in jail, charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.