Man attempts to bring 700 snakes onto a plane

Friday, May 25, 2007

Yahia Rahim Tulba was a passenger attempting to travel from Cairo, Egypt to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia with at least 700 snakes of various types in a carry-on bag, according to customs officers at Cairo International Airport.

When Tulba attempted to pass the customs checkpoint, officers had him open his luggage and his carry-on bag, but only after they noticed movement and heard hissing coming from Tulba's bag. When he opened the bag, it revealed various snakes and at least two separate smaller bags containing cobras.

According to customs officials, Tulba was going to attempt to sell the snakes once he arrived in Saudi Arabia. Officials took possession of the snakes and arrested him charging him with "violating the national export laws" and "endangering the lives of the passengers" in the airport.


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