Man arrested in slaying of six-member family near Tel Aviv, Israel

Monday, November 2, 2009

Police have arrested a man in the murders of a family of six found stabbed to death in their burning apartment near Tel Aviv, Israel. Damian Kirilik, 38, is believed to have killed the Oshrenko family at their home in Rishon LeZion after being fired from their restaurant.

Kirilik gave a re-enactment of his alleged actions which saw him wait at the house for each person to return home before killing them. The deceased were 56-year-old grandparents Edward and Lyudmilla Oshrenko, their son and daughter-in-law Dmitry and Tatyana Oshrenko and the children, three-year-old girl Revital and four-month-old boy Netanel.

The Oshrenkos were Russian immigrants who ran the restaurant and several clubs for other Russian Israelis. Kirilik, too, had emigrated from Russia five years ago, where he is alleged to be wanted for robbery. Around two years ago he was sacked from his position as head waiter and police say the years had turned this grudge into hatred.

Police central command chief major general Nissim Mor said Kirilik had asked to be forgiven while kneeling before the infant's cot. Mor commented that "there is no forgiveness for such a thing." Kirilik's wife has admitted to assisting her husband in plans to rob the Oshenkos and is also in custody for assisting him, as are several other Kirilik family members. The murders they are accused of involvement in have been described as "one of Israel's worst-ever [crimes]", according to the Agence France-Presse news agency.