Man arrested after attempting to break into Prince Charles's home

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Prince Charles

Police were called to the Highgrove House, the home belonging to Prince Charles and his wife Camilla, on Tuesday night after police received a call that there was an intruder on the property.

"He was detained within the grounds and did not gain access to any buildings," said a spokesperson for the police, Tony Rymer.

A spokesperson for the estate refused to comment to the media calling it "a matter for the police" and that any comments on the intrusion should be given through them.

According to a Gloucester Police spokeswoman, a man from Bristol, England was arrested after wielding a pitchfork around the property. The name of the 55-year-old has not been released, but police charged him with trespassing. He was later released after posting bail.

Camilla and Charles, who were both present and sleeping on the estate at the time, were not injured.