Major League Soccer: Beckham will miss game against Toronto

Saturday, August 4, 2007

File:David beckham and his son.jpg
David Beckham and his son, Brooklyn, in Manchester United colors.

David Beckham of the Los Angeles Galaxy will miss his scheduled Major League Soccer debut tomorrow when the Galaxy will face Toronto FC.

Beckham signed a five year contract with the Galaxy in January 2007, but due to injuries, was only able to play for 12 minutes so far in a friendly match against the English team Chelsea.

On June 6, he sprained his left ankle in England's game against Estonia. Four days later, Beckham pulled several ligaments while he played for Real Madrid in the team's final game of the season on June 17. At the time of the accident, he was on three injections of painkillers. Teammate Landon Donovan said about Beckham's ankle, "When he got here, it was like a balloon."

Beckham was greeted by about 20 video cameras and 100 media at a news conference in Toronto. He handled all 13 questions in stride, deflecting fan criticism by stating that he would be with the Galaxy for five more years.