Luxembourg votes Yes to the EU treaty

Sunday, July 10, 2005

Results of the referendum, 56.52% Jo (Yes), 43.48% Nee (No)

The people of Luxembourg voted a slight yes today on a referendum on the EU Constitution, which was the first national referendum since 1937. A large turnout was expected considering that there is a legal obligation to vote in Luxembourg, overall 220 000 people voted out of 223 000 voters. A close vote was expected as the last opinion poll a month ago indicated a small advantage for the "yes", but a substantial 16% of non-decided.

The results were 56.52% voted "Jo" (Yes) and 43.48% voted "Nee" (No).

Traditionally, Luxembourgers are pro-European, and all the major parties backed the approval. However globalisation, rising unemployment, immigration & the new Eastern members made some of them feel uneasy, same as in neighbouring France and in the Netherlands where a majority of people rejected the treaty.