Lordi to star in horror movie

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Finnish group Lordi perform Hard Rock Hallelujah at the 2007 Eurovision Song Contest.
Image: Indrek Galetin.

Finnish hard rock band Lordi are to star in a horror movie called Dark Floors.

The film is written in English and began filming earlier this month and will premier in Finland late this year. The film has a budget of 3-4 million euros.

Lordi are famed for their monster costumes and lyrical themes. The band, who won the Eurovision Song Contest 2006 with Hard Rock Hallelujah, stated at the time they would like to star in a horror movie. They were one of a number of people promoting their films at the Cannes Film Festival this weekend; a "Finland Bar" was set up near the area.

Mr Lordi, lead vocalist of the band, said at the time "In a way it is traditional horror film, but a traditional modern horror film. It has monsters obviously in it... It has some twists in the plot, of course, it has some horrific scenes and a horrific mood, it is more like a psychological thing... Lordi goes to the twilight zone, that is pretty much (what) you can say." Lordi also performed at the Cannes festival.