Local council in Australia rejects McDonald's development plan

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The development application for a McDonald's restaurant at Minyama, on Queensland's Sunshine Coast in Australia, has been rejected by the Sunshine Coast Regional Council.

"We knocked back a Hungry Jack’s on Nicklin Way because of the nuisance code," said divisional councilor Chris Thompson. "We already have a 24-hour McDonald’s at Mooloolaba, only one kilometre away, and there are already [anti-social] issues at that site."

Map of countries that have McDonald's restaurants.

Local residents previously vowed to fight any McDonald's development at the proposed site due to the risk of anti-social behavior. Protest group spokesman John Meyer-Gleaves was "over the moon".

"It’s not often you knock Maccas [McDonald's] over," he said.

Mayor Bob Abbot said Minyama was in some ways more suitable than Mooloolaba. However, he was concerned about the proximity to a residential estate.

The rejection is expected to be ratified at an ordinary meeting of the council on Thursday.

"It needs to be endorsed or ratified by council at its ordinary meeting on Thursday and then it will become a statutory decision of council," Chris Thompson said. "I'm reasonably pleased with the outcome."