Legislative Assembly election results declared in 5 Indian States

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Political Map of India

The ruling Left-Front Party in the Indian state of West Bengal retained power in the state after winning 232 out of 294 State Legislative Assembly seats. This is the seventh consecutive victory for the left front in West Bengal. The chief opposition National Aemocratic Alliance managed to bag only 30 seats while the Congress managed to get only 21 seats.

In Tamil Nadu, the Democratic Progressive Alliance (DPA) led by Dravida Munnetra Kazagham (DMK) has won 162 seats . The DPA have won a clear majority over it's closest rival, an alliance led by the ADMK, which has won only 71 seats out of 234 Assembly seats. The DMK alone doesn't enjoy a simple majority and political negotiations are on to finalize the government structure.

The Left Democratic Front has won 95 out of the 140 seats in the Kerala State Legislative Assembly, beating it's rival the UDF by 42 seats, thereby securing the majority.

In Assam, the Indian National Congress has won 55 seats in the 126 seat Assembly, thereby beating the AGP, which has managed to get 26 seats. Other regional parties have won 45 seats. This implies, however, that the Congress has not achieved the majority required (64 seats out of 126 is the minimum) to form the State Government. The Congress will now have to form a coalition with other parties to get the required number of seats.

The DPA has won 21 out of 30 seats in the Legislative Assembly of the Union Territory of Pondicherry, thereby securing a majority over the ADMK, which managed to get only 6 seats.