Lebanon's opposition holds Syria responsible for Beirut explosion

Sunday, March 20, 2005

Lebanon's opposition holds Syria responsible for Beirut explosion

The Lebanese political opposition group, dubbed the "Cedar Revolution" by the US State Department, claims Syria should be held responsible for a car bomb that rocked the Christian neighborhood of New Jdeideh in the capital city of Beirut, The blast occurred early yesterday morning.

"The security agencies belong to [Syria]. There is no other explanation. When security agencies come under Lebanese control it will be another matter," Reuters quotes opposition leader and Druze chieftain Walid Jumblatt as saying.

After the car bomb explosion, which injured eleven people, a series of fake bombs were discovered throughout the neighborhood. There were also and several sonic grenades thrown at pro-Syrian Lebanese Democratic Party offices.

"We warn Syria not to let these midgets carry out security actions in the country," Reuters quotes Jumblatt as adding.

"This has been the message to the Lebanese people...to sow fear and terror among Lebanese citizens if there is a Syrian withdrawal from Lebanon," said Pierre Gemayel, a Christian opposition member who visited the site of the blast.

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