Labatt USA to move headquarters to Buffalo, New York

Friday, January 26, 2007

Labatt, a company that makes beer, has decided to move their headquarters from Norwalk, Connecticut to Buffalo, New York.

"We've got a very large volume base in Buffalo, Syracuse and Rochester. Labatt USA is very excited to get back to Buffalo," said President of Labatt USA, Glen Walter, who also added that years ago the headquarters used to be in Buffalo.

At least 20 marketing and sales jobs will be created as a result of the move. Offices will be housed in the Key Bank Tower located on Main Street in Downtown Buffalo. The move is expected to take place this spring.

InBev is the parent company of Labatt USA and has their main headquarters in Belgium. InBev claims to be the largest brewer of beer, by volume, on the planet.

City officials; however, did not know of the move until it was announced, but Mayor of Buffalo, Byron W. Brown, is not concerned and calls the move "impressive."

"They did not [contact us], which makes it all the more impressive for the community," said Brown.

Try-It Distributing, a local distributor of the beer sells an estimated 43 million bottles of the assorted Labatt beer products and those are just the sales in Erie and Niagara counties in New York alone.