Kaczynski elected as the new president of Poland, according to polls

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Lech Kaczyński has been elected as the new president of the Republic of Poland, according to first polls. He gained about 53,7% of votes, while his rival, Donald Tusk gained 46,3% in the run-off Polish presidential election.

In the first turn Kaczyński from Law and Justice party gained about 34% of votes, while his main rival attracted about 37% of polish society.

Kaczyński, nicknamed "the duck", will replace Aleksander Kwasniewski, who was ineligible to be elected again, as he was the president of Poland for ten years.

Kaczyński, 56-year-old lawyer and mayor of Warsaw, would like to build up the next Republic of Poland, called "Czwarta Rzeczpospolita" (4th Republic of Poland). Many people in Poland believe that Kaczyński, alongside his twin brother Jarosław, will try to throw out corruption and dishonesty from Polish politics.

Pre-election polls had predicted that pro-business Donald Tusk, the leader of conservative-liberal party Citizens Platform, would win the election.