Journalists in Gaza City injured in Israeli airstrike

Sunday, November 18, 2012

At least six journalists in Gaza City have been injured after an Israeli airstrike struck a media building.

Ashraf al-Qudra, a spokesman for the Ministry of Health in Gaza, stated: "At least six journalists were wounded, with minor and moderate injuries, when Israeli warplanes hit the al-Quds TV office in the Showa and Housari building in the Rimal neighbourhood of Gaza City".

At least three of the journalists work for Al-Quds TV, but it is not yet known what agency the other three may work for. Several foreign journalists have been staying in the Al-Showa building in Gaza which was damaged by the airstrike. The Ma'an News Agency in Gaza and Al-Quds TV is also based in the media complex.

According to Ma'an, at least one missile struck the building's eleventh floor injuring the journalists. Al-Quds TV offices are located on that floor.

The military wing of Hamas, the Alqassam Brigades, condemned the attack posting a statement on their Twitter account saying, "Israeli IDF is trying to kill the power of word in Gaza, targeting journalism is a war crime and crime against humanity."

The injured were evacuated from the complex which was reportedly hit at least two more times.

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