John Kitzhaber not running for governor of Oregon

Friday, January 13, 2006

Former Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber announced today that he will not enter the 2006 Gubernatiorial Race. The Democrat stated that he felt he could do more by pushing for reforms in the United States health care system through a grass roots campaign.

Kitzhaber served two terms as governor of Oregon from 1995 through 2003 and was succeeded by Governor Ted Kulongoski. Kulongoski, who is also a Democrat, has received mixed reviews during his first term as governor. Some had been urging Kitzhaber to enter the race to reenergize Democrats who have become unsatisified with the current administration.

During a speech at a homeless shelter, Kitzhaber said, ""At least at this point in time, I can make the greatest entrance not by entering a campaign for Governor but by launching a campaign to change the American health care system and by offering people an opportunity to engage around an idea, not just a candidate."


David English. "Former Oregon Governor John Kitzaber bows out of 2006 Race" —, Janurary 13 2006