Ivory Coast militia destroys weapons

Saturday, May 26, 2007

The Ivory Coast's pro-Government Great West Liberation Front (GWLF) militia destroyed their weapons in Guiglo on May 19, as part of an on-going disarmament policy trailing the Ivorian Civil War.

President Laurent Gbagbo, who attended Saturday's ceremonial bonfire of weapons, thanked the militia members. Denis Maho Glofiei, leader of the militia, stated that "We've realised that since the signing of [the Peace Deal], we have no more reason to exist," while handing Gbagbo two rifles.

The GWLF is one of four pro-government militias operating in the country. Rebel forces have long claimed that they refuse to disarm until the militias are disbanded.

While Abou Moussa, head of the UN Operations in Côte d'Ivoire oversaw the ceremony, the ceasefire was actually brought about by President Gbagbo's autonomous negotiations with rebel leader Guillaume Soro who was named as the country's new Prime Minister in April.