Israeli military kill group of militants, claimed by Hamas, on Zikim Beach

Thursday, July 10, 2014

On Tuesday a group of militants crossed the southern marine border between Israel and the Gaza Strip. Israeli forces killed five. According to Hamas controlled television, the group were Hamas operatives who came ashore next to the Israeli town Zikim to attack the nearby Israeli military base located between the city Ashkelon and the Gaza Strip.

According to reports by Israeli media, when the incursion was identified Israel launched combined forces to the area. A firefight developed between the two sides causing injury of an Israeli soldier and elimination of the cell. Two of Hamas' operatives were dispatched by a squad of ground troops, a third operative was killed by naval forces, and another by aircraft. Later, a fifth attacker was killed.

Israeli army spokesman Lieutenant Colonel Peter Lerner said after the incident, "A number of terrorists came out of the ocean and attacked the base with Kalashnikov rifles and hand grenades". Al-Qassam Brigades, Hamas' Military wing, announced a force of naval commandos infiltrated Israeli borders and was "conducting its duties in Zikim Zionist military base according to plan". According to Hamas controlled television, the field commander in charge of the force reported Israeli casualties.