Israeli Air Force attacks targets in Gaza

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Gaza Strip

Shortly after midnight (UTC +3) the Israeli Air Force (IAF) attacked several Hamas targets in Gaza. The attack was in reaction to the rocket and mortar attack on Israel today. No injuries or fatalities were reported.

One of the buildings that were attacked is an ammunition warehouse in Khan-Yunus and another one is an office of the Hamas in the Jabalia refugee camp, the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) reported.

Six missiles were fired from helicopter gunships, according to Palestinian sources. The missiles at Jebalia were fired on a Hamas religion studies center and the others were fired on a rocket launch site near the Khan-Yunus cemetery. A third firing was at an empty building in the Deir el-Balah area.

Electric power was lost in wide parts of Gaza.

The IDF has decided to divide the Gaza Strip into three parts in order to prevent the passage of weapons and militants between different parts of the strip. This is the first time in months that the IDF has taken such a step, which is a burden on the Palestinian civil population.