Islamic political party seeks registration in Australia

Monday, September 5, 2005

A political party has formed in Australia to represent Muslims. The Best Party of Allah issued a press release on September 5 announcing that they would seek registration in the Australian Capital Territory. The president and founder of the party, Mr Kurt Kennedy, said that the party will respect the laws of Australia, but will also be seeking to implement laws that are consistent with the teachings of Allah.

"We acknowledge that as Australian citizens, we will abide by its civil laws and the rule of law. And as Believers in Allah we also have a commitment to the rule of Allah's laws in our personal lives," Mr Kennedy said.

"These laws are found in the Noble Qur'an and on the whole are not inconsistent with the best laws that Australian parliaments has to offer," he added.

The party is seeking registration in the ACT, however Mr Kennedy said that its goal is to be registered at the national level. The press release said that Australia's 500,000 Muslims were enough to elect four members to the Federal Parliament.

Mr Kennedy said that he was inspired to form the new party after the emergence of Christian parties such as Family First.

Mr Kennedy explicitly rejected extremism.

"We totally reject people who would kill people indiscriminately, you know, as violence for its own sake and that's the story, that's the end of it," he said.

The party's website reveals that it is opposed to the invasion and occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq, of which Australia took part.

"See how Iraq and Afghanistan were invaded and occupied because they were weak countries with substantial resources? The invaders gave the reason for invasion based on a fear of emerging Islamic militancy but were actually based on greed for oil and greed for markets," the website said.

The registration has been reported as far away as Iran, appearing on the Iranian Quran News Agency website.