Iraqi police find 14 tortured dead bodies

Friday, February 3, 2006

Fourteen bodies were found on Thursday by police in Baghdad, Iraq. According to the Iraq Interior Ministry, the bodies appeared to have been tortured. Each one had been blind-folded and had their hands tied behind their back. The men, all civilians, were stabbed repeatedly, had marks on their wrists which suggests their wrists were tied together, and all of the victims had gunshot wounds to their heads.

Eleven of the men were found in the back of a truck. The other three were found near a road in Rustamiya on the southeastern outskirts of the capital.

Police do not yet know the identities of the men.

Shi'ite-led Interior Ministry security units are being accused by Sunni leaders for carrying out retribution killings against the Sunnis; however, the ministry denies the charges.