Innovator of synthesizers Robert Moog, dead at 71

Monday, August 22, 2005

The logo of Moog Music.

Robert A. Moog, inventor, founder of Moog Music, and musical revolutionary, died Sunday at the age of 71 in his Ashville, North Carolina home.

Moog was diagnosed with brain cancer in April and underwent treatment for it.

Thoug Bob Moog is best knwon for his bringing of synthesizers into popular music and his appreciation for "the magical connection" between musicians and their instruments, Moog had a childhood interest with the theremin, an early electronic musical instrument. He developed his first synthesizer (the Moog Modular Synthesizer) in 1963, while still a Ph.D student at Cornell University. He was recognized with the Grammy Trustees Award for lifetime achievement in 1970.

Moog is survived by his wife and five children who have announced the formation of The Bob Moog Memorial Fund for the advancement of electronic music.