Indian Air Force chopper crashes in Jammu and Kashmir

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Baglihar Dam on Chenab river.

An Indian Air Force (IAF) MI-17 helicopter crashed into the Chenab river in the Doda district on Friday, after it got caught into a cable fire of a bridge. The occupants of the chopper are not yet known.

The chopper was returning from the Nawapachi of Kishtawar district after supplying ammunition, food and arms for the troops there. The IAF regularly carries such duties to the area.

The chopper was hovering low over the water body when it got caught in a cable fire and crashed into the Baglihar hydro-electric power project at Tringel. The chopper went deep into the water, and the exact number of people on board is not known, although police officers said that at least one of them died.

There were two helicopters, as said by a police officer, and the second one was still hovering over the area when the first one crashed. Rescue teams were soon dispatched, and Pakistani troops are also on the way to assist with rescue efforts.