Ice hockey news: May 18, 2008

Monday, May 19, 2008

IIHF World Championship: Russia wins world hockey championship


An overtime goal by Ilya Kovalchuk on Sunday earned Russia's hockey team its first IIHF world championship gold in 15 years. The game in Quebec City ended with the team's 5-4 victory over Canada before three minutes of overtime had elapsed.

NHL Playoffs: Pittsburgh Penguins win Eastern Championship

The Pittsburgh Penguins shut out the Philadelphia Flyers in the fifth game of the Eastern Conference Finals on Sunday. The Penguins scored 6-0 on home ice to enter the Stanley Cup finals.

The Western Conference champion is still to be confirmed as the Detroit Red Wings leads the Dallas Stars three games to two. Detroit won its first three games straight, when Dallas began its attempt to make a comeback that only two teams in NHL History have enjoyed - the Toronto Maple Leafs in 1942 and the New York Islanders in 1975.

Game six of the Western finals is scheduled for Monday, with Wednesday reserved for game seven if Dallas wins on Monday.

NHL 2008 playoff series chart

  Conference Quarterfinals Conference Semifinals Conference Finals Stanley Cup Finals
1  Montreal Canadiens 4  
8  Boston Bruins 3  
  1  Montreal Canadiens 1  
  6  Philadelphia Flyers 4  
3  Washington Capitals 3
6  Philadelphia Flyers 4  
  6  Philadelphia Flyers 1  
Eastern Conference
  2  Pittsburgh Penguins 4  
2  Pittsburgh Penguins 4  
7  Ottawa Senators 0  
  2  Pittsburgh Penguins 4
  5  New York Rangers 1  
4  New Jersey Devils 1
5  New York Rangers 4  
  2  Pittsburgh Penguins
   To be determined
1  Detroit Red Wings 4  
8  Nashville Predators 2  
  1  Detroit Red Wings 4
  6  Colorado Avalanche 0  
3  Minnesota Wild 2
6  Colorado Avalanche 4  
  1  Detroit Red Wings 3
Western Conference
  5  Dallas Stars 2  
2  San Jose Sharks 4  
7  Calgary Flames 3  
  2  San Jose Sharks 2
  5  Dallas Stars 4  
4  Anaheim Ducks 2
5  Dallas Stars 4  

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