Hunter says he caught 'Bigfoot' on camera

Monday, October 29, 2007

A hunter from Pennsylvania says that he managed to snap photographs supposedly of the legendary Bigfoot, but this one is said to be a juvenile.

Rick Jacobs says that he snapped the pictures in September of 2007 when he set up an automatic camera in a tree in the Allegheny National Forest in northwest Pennsylvania for hunting deer. Bait was used to attract animals which consisted of a "aromatic deer attractant" and various mineral in the form of a block that the deer would lick. Jacobs says that he will not reveal the exact location of where the image was taken because he believes hunters and tourists will flood the area in an attempt to get a glimpse of it.

The Bigfoot Field Research Organization says that the photo is of a Bigfoot, but they state that this one appears to be very young. On their website they list the discovery as an "Unclassified primate?"

In all, three images were captured. The first image is of bear cubs, and in the second and third images are what appears to be a "juvenile sasquatch." Some say that it is likely a bear. There are several minutes, at least 30-35, from the time the bears left to when the unidentified animal arrived. The animal appears to have two arms and two legs, but appears to walk hunched over, with its knuckles dragging on the ground.

"We are seeking comparative images of a skinny, mangy bear, bent over and smelling the ground, as you see in this image. The people we have spoken with so far who have spent a great deal of time with both primates and bears (mainly zoologists) say this figure looks much more like a primate smelling the ground than like a skinny bear smelling the ground," said a statement posted on the organization's website.

The organization states that the images are being examined by experts in Canada and the United States and that more information will be available in a few days.

Despite the organization's claim, the Pennsylvania Game Commission says that they have seen this before and it appears to be a bear with a possible skin disease.


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