High level al-Qaeda leader reported dead

Friday, February 1, 2008

Map showing the North and South of Waziristan, al-Libi was killed in the Northern part.

Abu Laith al-Libi, an al-Qaeda leader in Afghanistan, was reported killed on Islamist website Ekhlaas.org, saying: "[Libi] was martyred with a group of his brothers in the land of Muslim Pakistan....Though we are sad for his loss, he left a legacy that will inflame the enemy nation and religion." It is speculated that he was hit by a United States missile, which is now identified as being fired from a Predator drone, in the North Waziristan of Pakistan, and a dozen more militants were also reported dead.

"The missile appeared to have been fired by a drone," said a Pakistani intelligence official.

The News reports the attack was aimed at al-Libi, as well as Obaidah al-Masri.

"But it's not bin Laden and Zawahri. They do have an ability to regenerate and replace these guys," said a Western intelligence official. Al-Libi is said to have been the third highest ranking member of al-Qaeda.

The Government of Pakistan said they did not know about his death. The details of the death have not yet been fully released.