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This Help page is for how to edit pages. If you need help with what to write see Wikinews:Wikinews needs you! and Wikinews:Style guide.


  1. Searching, Go button
  2. What links here
  3. Special pages
  4. Printable version

Tracking changes

  1. Recent changes
  2. Enhanced recent changes
  3. Related changes
  4. Watching pages
  5. Page history
  6. Diff
  7. User contributions
  8. Syndication of recent changes and new pages


  1. Logging in
  2. Preferences
  3. User style


  1. Editing overview
  2. Starting a new page
  3. Page name
  4. Images and other uploaded files
  5. Image description page
  6. Special characters
  7. Turkish characters
  8. Formula
  9. Table
  10. EasyTimeline syntax
  11. Editing toolbar


  1. Link
  2. Piped link
  3. Interwiki linking
  4. Variable
  5. URL


  1. Sections
  2. Templates
  3. Template messages
  4. Category
  5. Redirect
  6. Renaming (moving) a page
  7. Namespace

Fixing mistakes and vandalism

  1. Help:Reverting a page to an earlier version


  1. Edit summary
  2. Talk page
  3. Edit conflict
  4. Minor edit