Haitian Supreme Court rules Simeus eligible

Thursday, December 8, 2005

On Thursday the supreme court of Haiti ruled for the second time that the candidancy of Dumarsais Siméus does not violate election laws and that he should be added to the ballot. Guerdy Lissade, a lawyer for Siméus said the decision was reached unanimously. In a written statement issued, Siméus commented that the decision is, "a victory for the Haitian people, who have suffered for too long under the oppression of the same little group of politicians who perpetuate a failed political system, broken economy and violence in our streets."

This is the second time the court has made this ruling; doing so early in November. If the ruling were to be executed it would probably mean delaying the planned election date of January 8. The ballots for president have already been printed. The election officials reason for not including Siméus on the ballot during the first ruling was because Siméus has obtained U.S. citizenship and the Haitian constitution forbids foreign nationals from running for president. However the Court ruled that because Siméus never renounced his citizenship, he is eligible. However this time the Court said that the decision does not mean Siméus will be reinstated in time for the presidential elections in January. Michel Brunache says the ruling wouldn't have an effect on the upcoming elections saying, "The court's new decision has no impact, the issue of Simeus' candidacy is closed."