Gunmen kill seventeen at party in Mexico

Monday, July 19, 2010

The location of Torreon in Mexico.
Image: Mixcoatl.

On Sunday, gunmen stormed a party in Torreon, a city in the north of Mexico. According to local authorities, at least eighteen people were injured, and seventeen died. The victims have not yet been identified, but several were young and some were women.

According to a statement from the Coahuila state Attorney General's office, the gunmen arrived in several cars and opened fire without saying a word. This happened after a similar shooting last month, in which eight people were killed at a bar, in the same city. In all of northern Mexico there are increasing reports of mass shootings at parties, bars and rehab clinics.

Investigators do not yet have any suspects and do not know the motive, but believe that the shooting may be linked to Mexico's long-running drugs war. Police found more than 120 bullet casings at the scene, the majority of which were from .223 caliber guns.