Gunman kills and injures tourists in Jordanian capital

Monday, September 4, 2006

A gunman has opened fire on tourists in Amman, the capital of Jordan. One Briton was killed and five others were injured at the Roman Theatre in central Amman. Two British women were among the injured tourists, the rest were from the Netherlands, New Zealand and Australia (So far the dead man has not been named). It is not yet clear whether the man was acting on his own or as part of group.

The attack took place at 12:30 local time (09:30 GMT). The lone gunman shouted "God is great" (in Arabic) before firing up to 12 shots, according to eye witness reports given to the AFP news agency. When he ran out of ammunition the man fled the scene but was overpowered by Police and local inhabitants. Interior Minister Eid al-Fayez confirmed that a man was arrested and is now being questioned.

A BBC reporter in the area has said that the area is cordoned and currently being patrolled by armed police.