Gordon Brown's troubled first year

Friday, June 27, 2008

The right Honourable British Prime Minister Gordon Brown (Labour Party)

A year since taking up residence at No. 10 Downing street, British Prime Minister Gordon Brown and his Labour Party is already in trouble after losing a local election, finishing fifth after previously win-less political parties and popularity rating at an all time low.

Health Minister Ben Bradshaw described the party's loss to the British National Party and to the Greens as a, "terrible loss" and blamed the economic conditions such as rising food and fuel costs as factors that dampens the Labour Party's appeal with the public.

Conservative Party leader David Cameron countered Bradshaw's opinion by saying, Mr. Brown was to blame for the economic distress. Cameroon cited the Prime Minister's ten years of handling the economy as minister prior to assuming office when Tony Blair stepped down last year.

The by-elections in Henley were won by Tory John Howell with a majority of over 10,000 votes, defeating by a large margin the Liberal Democrats who were presumed to have a close edge of beating both Conservatives and Labour. Labour threw in their support with Richard McKenzie who only garnered 3% of the votes behind the BNP and Greens.

Henley called for an election when its representative Boris Johnson was elected Lord Mayor of the City of London.