Google services not loading for users of some ISPs

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

On Tuesday morning, many Comcast internet users were reporting problems connecting to Google services, such as web search, personalized pages, and Gmail.

Since the original reporting, other US ISP users also reported that they could not connect to Google.

Google released a statement saying that they are investigating the problem. Comcast support states that a ticket has been filed.

Internet users also reporting that other leading websites, such as YouTube and Amazon were not loading on the same ISP networks.

Outages by the leading websites are not uncommon, such as a technical glitch at AOL back in June that delayed emails for several hours.

The Google outage brought up the topic of Net Neutrality on many internet websites and forums, such as Digg.

It has been announced that a DNS server in Massachusetts went down, causing the problems and that it has been fixed.