Google begins selling print ads

Thursday, September 1, 2005

Google, which has become one of the internet's most influential companies by selling online advertising, has expanded past cyberspace Wednesday when it began reselling print ads in technology magazines.

In a small-scale experiment, the first print-based venture for the company, Google bought pages of advertising in magazines such as PC Magazine and MacAddict and sold portions of each page to smaller companies. Undoubtedly, Google expects profits to come from a higher rate of resale.

The first publication to carry such advertising is the September 6th issue of PC Magazine. It contains a single page with five smaller ads, each with the caption "Ads by Google", which is well-known to Internet users.

This page runs near the cover, and some of Google's clients are grateful for the exposure that the program has enabled. Most popular magazines run advertising smaller than a full page closer to the back.