German teenager sentenced to six years for stabbing police officer

Saturday, January 28, 2017

A court in Celle, Germany sentenced sixteen-year-old German-Moroccan girl Safia S. to six years in prison on Thursday for an attempted murder. Safia stabbed a 34-year-old police officer in February last year using a vegetable knife in a train station in Hannover.

File photo of a train station in Hannover.
Image: Bobanaut (Panoramio).

Phone chats revealed Safia acted on the behalf of ISIL, the judge said, though the militant group did not claim any responsibility. The Federal Prosecutor Office sought the six year sentence for the juvenile a week prior. 20-year-old Mohamad Hasan K., who knew about Safia's plan, was sentenced to a 30-month prison term for failing to inform officials.

The hearing of the case was not made public. Upon investigation, prosecutors accused Safia of meeting a member of the militant group in Istanbul, Turkey last year in a failed attempt to go to Syria. Safia's elder brother went to Syria in 2015, but he was held in custody there. Safia was in contact with a member of ISIL via the internet.

The victim underwent surgery for life-threatening injuries, but survived.