German jet bound for US searched in Iceland after suitcase loaded without owner

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Lufthansa jets in Frankfurt

A bomb squad searched a jetliner belonging to German flag carrier Lufthansa after it was found that the owner of a suitcase in the hold was not on the flight. The Airbus A330 diverted to Iceland but was later able to continue to the US.

The 160 people on board remained so while the luggage was inspected in Reykjavik. It was found that there were no security risks in the suitcase concerned. "It seems the passenger in question somehow missed the plane after having checked in," explained Fridthor Eydal of Keflavik International Airport, which serves Reykjavik.

The flight from Frankfurt then completed its trip to Detroit. It is unclear how the aircraft was able to leave with a bag that had no owner. Detroit was the location of an attack attempt on Friday in which a man attempted to light a bomb as the plane carrying him approached the airport. A Lufthansa spokesman described yesterday's incident as, "an unfortunate coincidence."