George and Laura Bush introduce 2008 White House egg roll

Monday, March 24, 2008

George and Laura Bush introducing the egg roll
The audio of the speeches made by Mr and Mrs Bush

The President of the United States, George W. Bush, and his wife Laura Bush have introduced the 2008 White House egg roll. Mrs. Bush introduced the attendees to the event by saying "welcome, everybody, to the White House Easter Egg Roll, the 2008 Easter Egg Roll. This event is one of the happiest traditions on the White House lawn. It's always fun to see the South Lawn filled with children. Thank you for coming. And I'd especially like to thank our entertainers, our readers, our volunteers, and our special guests."

M. Bush dedicated the event to cleaning oceans. "We [the Bush family] want to remind you that we're dedicating today's Easter Egg Roll to our clean oceans. And there's a booth here where you can find out how you can contribute to make sure that we're environmentally sound stewards of our oceans. Ocean conservation is a important aspect of good public service, and it's certainly something that Laura has on her mind, as she comes up to address you," he said.

7,500 eggs are being provided for 2008 egg roll, with the White House estimating before the event that 22,000 people will attend this year.