Gay play about Jesus Christ to open in Brazil

Sunday, March 13, 2005

Brazil — Brazilian plastic artist Alexandre Linhares has written and is producing a 75 minutes play titled Jesus pra Cristo (Jesus for Christ), containing homosexual themes and inspired by the rock opera Jesus Christ Superstar by Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber.

In the play, Mary, the mother of Jesus is a transexual, Jesus is a punk revolting against the society, Mary Magdalene is a drug dealer, prostitute and homosexual, James is HIV positive and homosexual. The cast includes homosexual and transexual actors.

The plot begins with a 15 years old transexual (Mary) who sees a angel announcing she will conceive the Savior of the World. Later, Jesus begins to do miracles during World War III. Followers go after him. Jesus is charged with anarchism and condemned to death.

Alexandre Linhares, the author, tells how the play idea was born:

Since I was a child I loved the play Opera-Rock Jesus Christ Superstar. Even my blog is after that name. I loved all the scenes of the film and I always wanted to see the spectacle at Broadway... However, the play that is scheduled to March originated during a time where my life was in a big turmoil, and I decided to post in my blog my idea about creating a play, based in that musical.

The play is scheduled to open March, 18, as part of the Theater Festival of Curitiba.