Fußball-Bundesliga 2007–08: Stuttgart vs. Bayer Leverkusen

Saturday, October 27, 2007

October 27, 2007
15:30 (UTC+1)
Stuttgart 1–0 Bayer Leverkusen Gottlieb Daimler Stadion, Stuttgart
Attendance: 51,000
Referee: Günter Perl
Hilbert Substituted off after 45 minutes 45'
Schuster Substituted on after 45 minutes 45'
Beck Scored after 72 minutes 72' (1)
Gomez Substituted off after 81 minutes 81'
Meißner Substituted on after 81 minutes 81'
Bastürk Substituted off after 85 minutes 85'
Perchtold Substituted on after 85 minutes 85'
Match Report Substituted off after 36 minutes 36' Papadopulos
Substituted on after 36 minutes 36' Gekas
Substituted off after 53 minutes 53' Castro
Substituted on after 53 minutes 53' Gresko
Substituted off after 70 minutes 70' Kießling
Substituted on after 70 minutes 70' Freier

Stuttgart beat Bayer Leverkusen 1-0 on a 2nd half goal by Andreas Beck which moved the defending champions up to 12th in the table.

Stuttgart 16 shots of which four hit the target while Bayer Leverkusen had 23 shots while four hit the target. However, Beck's goal proved to be the difference.

Next week, Stuttgart is away to FC Nürnberg while Bayer Leverkusen are home to Arminia Bielefeld.