French presidential candidates Royal and Sarkozy debate

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Wednesday evening, Nicolas Sarkozy (UMP) and Ségolène Royal (Socialist Party) debated live on national TV in France. About 20 million viewers, about half the number of registered voters watched. This was the only head-to-head debate between the two remaining presidential candidates, and only the fifth such debate in the history of the French Fifth Republic.

(...) I would endeavour, if the French put their confidence in me, to be a president of the republic who is committed first of all to results. I want results. No more talk, no more declarations of virtual rights but promises to the French of rights that will become a reality: Results.

My ruling passion has a name and that's action. I want to act. And if the French people pick me - whether it's Mme Royal or myself - they'll choose us to act, to take action, to change, to get results. That's my vision of a modern president of the republic.

— Nicolas Sarkozy, in the opening statement
I want to get France out of the situation it's in today ... I want to be the president of the republic who's going to make a France where aggression and violence are in retreat, who's going to make a France that will win the battle against unemployment and a high cost of living, who will also enable inequalities to recede, because I believe that all these kinds of insecurity in daily life - social insecurity - call for new rules of the game, call for a new political system, call basically for more effective politicians than those of the last five years and, no doubt, beyond.
— Ségolène Royal, in the opening statement

The second round of popular voting will be held this Sunday, May 6, 2007. In the first round, Sarkozy got 31.18% of the vote, while Royal received 25.87%. This time they will be the only two candidates.


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